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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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of your fan of the warmer conditions. i think i have a great forecast for easy here's a look at satellite and radar we had some rain yesterday mainly across northeastern north carolina that was a forecast of showers no one to the south side but that area of low pressure is now pulling offshore it's taking the rain right along with it and were seen clearing conditions across the viewing area looking at temperatures it is a bit on the chilly side outside were thirty four right now emporia thirty five in suffolk were coming in at thirty two and now one eastern shore and the warning for joining us from virginia beach are at thirty nine degrees let talk about the commute this morning you will need the sun shade we do have clear skies but chilly as you head home from work this afternoon will see plenty of sunshine and it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday as highs climb into the mid forties this afternoon we're expecting highs and the upper forties to mid forties by mid morning will see a few more clouds as we head into the afternoon hours. i thanks to a system that will work across our
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produce too much in the way of rain but i do think most of the area will remain dry we are tracking though a warm up as we head into the weekend i have those details coming up in just a few minutes i see how the western freeway shipping but we've crossed over into the morning rush hour officially i asian you can see just past six o'clock and six to one now. traffic still looks great that include the western freeway important it will be headed toward six sixty four or making the way toward fifty eight and the midtown tunnel selected you a live look now at the west nor from break and this traffic here around the corner and headed that way that traffic is headed toward fifty eight and the midtown so a slight pickup in volume they are headed to fifty eight which is still moving well not see substantial delays and of course that westbound traffic crossing the bridge are not much out there at all at this point in the morning so keep an eye on the tropicana twelve fifty eight for now we head back to the traffic network map one reminder of the bridge list for today bill martin bridge opening in about an hour and fifteen minutes. seven fifteen and then again at seven forty
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the coleman bridge opening at two thirty this afternoon and coming up at six ten we had seventeen and check traffic at the g r be all right ashleigh thank you so much chesapeake is still reeling this morning with a loss of a very beloved family in the community. condolences are pouring into our social media pages as people try to cope with this very tragic situation your friend say the dooley family was active at church and in their neighborhood police a camera dooley shot and killed his father todd mother lori brother landon sister broke and grandmother doris be turned in on itself investigators still do not know what proper camera to take his family's lives brown has the details of vigil planned for the family in our next half hour of news last night was the final gop debate before the iowa caucus seven candidates at the stage ted cruz marco rubio ben carson jeb bush chris christie rand paul and john key sick. the debate started with moderator megan kelly
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the elephant not in the room donald trump's boycott of the debates come said the fox news and their anchor megan kelly treated him unfairly the candidates on stage though had some fun with it let me say i'm a maniac and everyone on the stage is stupid fat and ugly and then you're a terrible certain now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way the economist ultra fuel teddy bear to me. we always had such a loving relationship there is debate cruz is running in second place in iowa behind trump by seven points. he was the target of a lot of those attacks last night as other candidates called him out for flip flopping on immigration i was for legalization. so was ted now says it wasn't so that's not true. we led the fight against amnesty the truth is had dropped his campaign even willing to say
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get votes. stop washington bowl. let's get things done while the candidates took shots at rope he held his own event to raise money for veterans. we raised over five million dollars in one day donald trump gave one million dollars. i'm not given to the debate out of respect for myself trump didn't answer any questions during this event he says the proceeds for veterans go to the donald j trump foundation that scene from non profit charity then the batteries job may have skipped the face but ted cruz is challenging him to a one on one matchup this weekend cruz told an audience in the morning that he's booked a venue for eight p m on saturday for a two hour debates. no word yet on if trump will accept cruises offer and after daybreak gma will break down the winners and losers of the debate whether trumps events is going to affect the polls i later table norfolk and newport news k nine officers are getting fitted for their new ballistics tests of this
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anderson cooper and the group spikes k nine fund donated enough money for every police dog in both departments to get a bath. cooper also donated his speaking fee from an engagement in norfolk earlier this week at chrysler hall the donation came after a suspect shot and killed north of k nine officer krieger at six o five new this morning the virginia board of education granted partially credit status for dozens of schools across our area. the list includes two to hampton schools to newport news five norfolk schools and schools in portsmouth suffolk and virginia beach. this is only one step up from a denied accreditation status state leaders say this new status for schools that are on track to full accreditation within three years but the schools don't keep making improvements the status will be downgraded and all seemed age or sickened hundreds in just one school right now most of a middle school and get up in the hospital as they break
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tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums enamel is your teeth's first line of defense. but daily eating and drinking can make it weak. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. welcome back everybody in that friday morning we are off to a mainly dry start this morning and we've got those guys clearing out her blog over downtown norfolk and it's still dark the sun
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until about seven ten so we have the honour to go forty degrees though it is chilly outside with the winds out of the west about seven mph right now the airport in norfolk. it is a little bit lazy especially closer to the co seven miles also incur attack as well as norbert reporting ten miles and hansen and seven miles in virginia beach it will be a breezy day to day as if the system that's going to work through our area and help to kick up the wins the wednesday about ten to twenty mph blowing out of the west but we're going to tap into a southerly wind as we headed to the weekend and that could boost our temperatures have a look at satellite and radar we have been serious in the skies clear for west to ease all morning we had the rain across the outer banks earlier this morning and the area of low pressure has continued to push offshore and it has taken the rain right along with it the forty eight degrees for today plenty of sunshine a few more clouds later on this afternoon but closer to where we should be for this time of the year which is forty nine degrees. talk about the rain chances today really quickly
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again that system that's going to pass through later on this afternoon mainly producing a stray shower for points north of the south side so the northern neck middleton it's also the eastern shore about a ten percent chance of a shower is really about it northeastern north carolina to stay dry as we head throughout the day today. ashley hart how is the ideal be shaping up right now jeremy is moving pretty well we have a little bit more volume may be all that you might be experiencing normally on the northbound side but nothing that will substantially for you down or anything like that but there's a traffic they're headed northbound toward newport news would give you that live look. southbound traffic on quiet no major issues. speaking of issues though as we head back to the map to head up in hampton given accidents sixty four westbound to the way from the hr bt him to go to parkway to that warning symbol there right now the exit ramp is blocked but it does appear to be clearing up so hopefully the next time we check traffic that will be clearll certainly let you now also the next time we checked traffic routed back
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i should say eastbound from portland to move it was in a strip of yellow there weren't a live look at that traffic coming up next. all right ashleigh thank you. well it is the last day of flu or false we queued a brave man even though we'd give you some ways to avoid the virus sometimes it still creeps up on you. unfortunately ways to battle the flu once you have it (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk.
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i knew this morning hundreds of students and teachers ended their day at the hospital yesterday after an apparent gas leak at least a hundred and fifteen had to be checked out for carbon monoxide poisoning in beaumont texas that is east of houston. fire officials there say that the toxic gas started leaking from a boiler at a middle school all the students are expected to be ok but there's no word on when they'll get back to school dramatic new video this morning of a bank robbery gone wrong in north carolina he can see an armed masked man trying to walk into the bank with a major season coming balls towards the door holds it shut with his arm eventually see the government give up and has run away police are still looking for him this morning elise and france are investigating after a man showed up with two handguns and the koran at disneyland paris yesterday. officers also detained a woman who was with him. police say that the woman didn't appear to be armed and no other suspects are being pushed to pursue this time the suspect is a
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paris he was not known to french security forces previously france is still under a state of emergency after islamic extremists attacks in november that killed two hundred and thirty people. there's a new warning from the us state department this morning for anyone needing a passport renewed this year. if you need to renew your passport get on it now the government expects a flood of renewals of ten year passport issued in two thousand six and two thousand seven. that's when passports became required to travel to mexico canada and the caribbean right now it takes around six weeks but if you wait it could take several months on the white house once private companies to submit salary data in the hopes it will reduce the pay gap between men and women. this comes on the anniversary of the lily bed. better hair fair pay act which made it easier for women to bring lawsuits for pay discrimination. the white house admits progress is very slow on this when average about seventy seventy nine cents for every dollar that a
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the data may cause companies to take a second look at compensation policies. well there is video trendy or facebook you have to see it's a high school wrestling match devon shoe co is in the black sea in their undefeated team captain this year as massachusetts high school with a hundred career wins well he took a loss to make a dream come true for this young wrestler with special needs from a rival high school. the video posted just this week has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in the given that the inmate from rival school or come as our beautiful weekend ahead which is wonderful after the weekend yes i know we had the snow and it was just cold it was miserable people say the house in the eyes of gotta do something as we get it going to be a fantastic weekend we're going to actually see temperatures above where we should be for this time of the year. now
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morning if you are with those yesterday morning we had a lot of twenties on the map especially prior to our north but this morning acts more also about the waking up to thirty two degrees a right at the freezing mark and head over to eyeglasses are also salute a right around thirty degrees. those spies were in the twenties yesterday morning on the peninsula good morning to you and your brain use your thirty five who got thirty six right now in grandview are coming in at thirty eight degrees and hanson on the southside more of this saying it is a chilly start this friday morning thirty nine in crestwood were coming in at thirty six unbeaten streak and forty right now and kate henry northeastern north carolina also mainly in the thirties thirty seven allows the city with thirty six and eight cell and forty one rightow and that's a little bit warmer as we get closer to the water. now satellite and radar we have been watching the showers pushed offshore all morning we've also been seeing skies clear of mourning as well as within lot more sunshine today especially compared to yesterday but i am tracking
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will bring a few more clouds as we head into the afternoon hours knows right now is producing snow showers from cleveland stretching down into west virginia even western parts of our state neither does any snow showers that was directing what make it over the mountains but it will bring a few clouds as we head into this afternoon so let's talk about our future cast as we go through the rest of the morning temperatures by lunch time climbing into the low to mid forties note is already starting to see a few more clouds across our northern zones of our viewing area and we can rule out a stray sprinkle of for the northern neck. also the middle peninsula or the eastern shore this is early afternoon so between one to three o'clock and then that system will push onshore pretty quickly skies will clear once again behind it and so as we head into the evening hours temperatures will pop pretty quickly into the thirties and then by saturday morning we're going to start off pretty chilly temperatures a lot of numbers and the twenties thirties closer
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to a southerly wind and some are going to see some warmer conditions the temperatures tomorrow afternoon actually climbing into the fifties today the near fifty degrees upper forties the fifties a little bit farther to the south on the finance also the middle peninsula forty eight hansen as well as newport news mid forties on the eastern shore and today in northeastern north carolina you'll likely climb into the fifties fifty one current at all so with the seven day forecast predicted a fifty on saturday were back into the sixties on sunday and monday and then attacking chances for rain as we head into the middle part of next week. look at your weather forecast actually how the shaping at the midtown tunnel right now just some minor pickup in volume at the midtown tunnel a few minutes ago i showed you the traffic and started kind of change color a little bit if you use pound portsmouth into norfolk take a look at our camera you can see here in washington scored the last few minutes or so upstream now starting to leave portsmouth and head into
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will drop down and speed just a little bit of a twenty five to seven mph laugh then i'll be that the normal speed out there but at this point i'm not seeing a huge huge backup or anything it's probably the normal delay were used to seeing around the time of the morning over at the midtown tunnel know from the traffic network math i'm still watching the accident scene sixty four westbound easy with warning symbol is at hampton roads to parkway to exit to sixty one i want to say right now is close so often something to watch out for this morning to keep you posted when that slowly clears out and the exit ramp reopened to traffic and incoming appear in the next few minutes we have not yet checked traffic something to newport news that sixty four north at the bottom and back so i will give you that live with coming up next all wrinkled face allegedly mail first went to the past then to the future then it almost went away she says in the set
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i new this morning an update to a store that we told you about earlier this week by now you've probably seen to be like bill app that's filling up your facebook feed well now it comes with a warning. the better business bureau is investigating its parent company behind mean they say that by agreeing to
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i may be able to access tremendous what is most of your information bbb officials say that you should always be wary of click based websites and also those third party apps for the sneak sneak one on me that well if the car that travel through time in back to the future now delorean motors plants make about three hundred replicas of that stainless steel iconic sports car. they haven't been produced since nineteen eighty two so many the one cc or collectibles and lauryn will cost about one hundred thousand dollars and less worried. seven take the time it will go on sale sometime next year the day i can fly aer our mind was somehow hit the bar a few of the few hundreds when it comes to bar his behind he will no longer be one size fits all go figure my towel has unveiled three different body types for its iconic tall curvy petite and tall we still have about seventy more body types ago but whatever. they will also be sold in a variety of skin tones eye colors and
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on the race for cure as the brief continues let's continue coverage of the tragic murder suicide in chesapeake elise brown is in the studio coming up in just a bit to talk about how
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in the murder suicide in chesapeake and now we know which family member pulled the trigger a tragedy that we were shocked we still rippling over the six lives lost that gun control in virginia and who can't get one today. the compromise between democrats and the list what to do and what not to do when it comes to treating the flu were separating fact from fiction right now on good friday morning at six thirty i'm on tracy and alyssa bustamante a first up a warming trend for your weekend meteorologist asia scott is in for craig this morning i shot it looks good and was a really good with a good morning everybody you know it's friday and were tracking the warm conditions as we head into your weekend with a look outside
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this is from our dairy queen cam at seventeenth and atlantic the sun is slowly but surely coming up sun rises just after seven o'clock temperatures are pretty chilly this morning but not too bad compared to yesterday morning forty degrees right now north of where in the mid thirties i in newport news thirty seven and allows the city and were coming and just at freezing and now on the eastern shore nuff temperature that i mentioned are a little bit warmer than yesterday morning especially points to our north and west wings were picking up four degrees warmer i five degrees warmer in newport news as well as wakefield were going to continue this warming trend as we head into your weekend announced eyes have been clearing as an area of low pressure continues to pull off shore and if to take the rain rit along with bits of rain chance is pretty low today only about a ten percent chance and that's the south side of the weak system pushes through the viewing area in a mainly with temperatures today climbing into the upper
6:26 am
the warm up for the weekend and we got rain chances in the seven day forecast the first was the check on traffic. actually our shaping up so far so far so good around the area i feel alert for you this morning over that just a moment with a nice look at the monitor merrimack selected that live look now at sixty four northbound traffic crossing the bridge headed to the tunnel making its way to newport is not even a major pickup in volume yet this morning and six sixty four south headed to supper. also in nice shape on the traffic network map let's talk about what you need to come watch out for fifty eastbound at the midtown tunnel you see the traffic leaving port and headed to norfolk minor delays at this point you drop down from thirty five to twenty four at the western freeway split. also in hampton sixty four west and hit the road center parkway the exit ramp remains blocked due to a crash and coming up in the next few minutes we had two bridges so for reporting left out anyone that will happen. coming up at six thirty to develop in our community in chesapeake is trying to come to grips
6:27 am
incredible tragedy here six family members killed in a murder suicide thirteen years now brought you the story as breaking news yesterday and our lease brown joins us with an update a little to the deadly incident in how people in the community are trying to cope with this loss leaves and remove see this community is just devastated and heartbroken many people tell us there in shock chesapeake police eight twenty six year old cameron dooley shot and killed his family late wednesday afternoon police went to the dooley family home on wildwood road. there they found the body of twenty two year old landon cameron's younger brother officers then went to a home a few blocks away that scam and grandmother's home. there police say they found the twenty six year old arms in barricaded for hours police and swat negotiated when police went inside early yesterday morning we found five bodies before killing himself police say cameron killed his mother lori father todd and his sister brooke neighbor said he also killed
6:28 am
had nothing but good things to say but the dooley family the father recently retired from the chesapeake police department. last night our church held a prayer service on a family and going in there in just that the love the compassion we will overcome this we don't know why and sometimes we're not supposed to know why. very sad situation the community will continue to mourn as police investigate which held a candlelight vigil is planned at this saturday night at five o'clock at temple baptist church. elise brown thirteen news now at six thirty four later today democratic governor terry mcauliffe is expected to announce that a deal has been reached with republicans on gun legislation. that's right here's what we know at this point the governor agreed not to revoke reciprocity agreements with two dozen states for concealed handgun permits in exchange republicans added a measure that prohibits a person
6:29 am
protective order from having firearms. state police will also be present at gun shows for voluntary background checks of the general assembly still has to approve that deal this week and people in portsmouth have a chance to weigh in on who should be the city's next police chief as part of the search and selection process the city is inviting community members to attend a forum with the final candidates will be held and i see norton high school at one o'clock tomorrow afternoon. we are learning new information about church when middle school fight to get accredited the virginia board of education voted to deny the school accreditation yesterday after recommendation from the state superintendent the division will now have to sign a memorandum of understanding with the board to develop strategies that are supposed to improve the school's performance you this morning the norfolk public school division could be in hot water for reportedly breaching federal grant rules that's according to a recent
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pilot the report reveals the division broke titled one rules by failing to maintain adequate teacher student ratios or proper documentation for programs according to the audit norfolk will improve its reporting process by including more managerial oversight only watch ur mind you about a construction alerts elizabeth river tunnels will close the midtown tunnel this week and crews need to remove a pedestrian crossing it over and that's related to a tunnel project now the midtown tunnel will shut down at eight o'clock tonight it will reopen at five o'clock on monday morning so we are told that if you live nearby you are can only hear some loud noises from all of that construction work and at six thirty six it's the last day of or flu or fall series here on daybreak and her team has been giving away five hundred dollars gift cards every day this week and as you can see today special keyword. some are all familiar with we get a cold or flu tissue so many boxes
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for a chance to win one of your own encoded proteins that act com click on the features tab and for that keyword for a final chance to win five hundred could look to the dire warning from world health officials about the dangers of irish incredible virus here how quickly it is supposed to spread and the race to develop a vaccine for it in all this week our neighbor team has been tackling issues
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. welcome back everybody and then friday morning we're going to fed up with a look at our spot on forecasts of the thursday next a forecasted high of forty three degrees the actual high was forty five degrees so long as we were then three degrees of that temperature than we have a correct forecast so that she puts our street at suvs of the lot on forecasts for today forty eight degrees i seek at that temperature because i do think we'll see temperatures into the upper forties as we headed to the fact you know they kill devil hills i absolutely love this shot it's so pretty especially when the sun coming up in the morning and this is the avalon fishing pier is a bit chilly out there though so don't let the sunshine fool you. thirty nine degrees right now until double hills without westerly wind going to see things dry out nicely and we have been saying that throughout the morning hours we had a few showers right along the outer banks snow showers are now off over
6:34 am
low pressure continues to pull off kyle's off the coast and we're seeing dry and clearing conditions across our immediate viewing area so here's how today will shape up the school day forecasts at the bus stop thirty nine degrees definitely bundle the kids at forty five degrees at lunchtime will top out at forty eight by recess we are tracking some warmer conditions as we headed to the weekend we'll talk about that in just a little bit with the seven day forecast actually how the jordan bridge shaping up over those traveling between gsp can and portsmouth this morning they will like the right of the jordan bridge not much to report this point in the morning westbound and eastbound traffic looks about the same. also my security on for sixty four to south norfolk either headed toward sixty four the downtown tunnel traffic network maps we still have those delays at the midtown fifty eastbound traffic had been to norfolk dropped down about nine mph once you get that western freeway split. don't forget the accident in hampton sixty four west at him through to parkway is blocking the exit ramp and perhaps take another
6:35 am
some of those bridges for you here in just a few minutes and will take another live look at traffic conditions we have new video showing what happened in the final minutes before fbi agents shot and killed a protester in oregon can walk into the tense
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. the fbi has released new video of tuesday's fatal shooting of unarmed protester in oregon we cut out the shooting itself. this is the view from the fbi chopper shows a white suv driven by le boyf in a come as the protesters went to a meeting to black car pulled behind them as the stock natives came out with guns drawn and the suv takes off and runs into a roadblock and swears off road we will show you this part but officials say panic and got out reach towards pockets and that's when the agents opened fire. four protesters remain inside the refuge right now authorities say they're working to bring a peaceful and to the tense situation gotten up to coming up on good morning america here shortly rafting later today the so called affluent a teenager even couches set to face a judge hearing will
6:39 am
the next three weeks in juvenile custody or serving in an adult jail even arrived at the dallas fort worth airport in handcuffs yesterday the texas teen and his mother tonya couch where the subjects of an international manhunt after the flight to mexico last year ethan was on probation for a deadly drunk driving case coverage of the case continues on good morning america. new this morning experts are predicting as many as four million cases of disease the virus in latin america just over the next year the world health organization will meet monday to decide whether the seeker outbreak should be declared an international health emergency evidence is strong that the virus carried by mosquitoes can cause miscarriages and birth defects in pregnant women at least thirty one people in the us who had traveled overseas have been diagnose plans to start clinical trials on a vaccine are already in the works. now there are calls for increased surveillance in affected countries look for a live
6:40 am
brazil coming up on good morning america about fourteen minutes. new this morning facebook live stream is now available for everyone to call the parish scope like feature allows users to broadcast video in real time directly to their friends the other social network accounts previously it was only available to verified accounts like journalists and celebrities with a lot of fun with nanny and there's no way to communicate on tinder the popular dating app has just added shift messaging so users can share short looped videos with their perspective that is the new feature is only available on ios devices interesting and over is going up against amazon and other saints a delivery service launching what he calls were trash customers wanting instant shopping gratification is almost too excited that i'll be able to
6:41 am
way that the use of or to call for a car i hear a tv this is revolutionary. yes of course they will have to pay an extra fee for that service i e the runway believe i was going up against them as though the odds that are just the right or company announced plans to improve feedback from both drivers and passengers. the company says it will start using smartphones to check whether its drivers are speeding watch out and assess the program will also use gps and other smart tools to record data and that that will be use to verify feedback from riders have gotten a lot of memories duper really. oh yes very convenient to go to the airport or someone tell that something had to try especially with that he got there only the king to the airport with the registry keys with a half have an area anyway try it. ok so outside this weekend. everybody just get a short sleeved hoodie yeah the short sleeves will be perfect this weekend i use my sony but the jeans are
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to a really nice start not only this morning but even as we head into the weekend with the sunshine. yet after last weekend's snow in the very cold temperatures finally we're starting to see some warmer conditions to look outside this is overlooking downtown norfolk from our tower cam the sun comes out just after seven o'clock and it's a gorgeous shot whenever we have those clear skies and the sunrise here look at temperatures just in case you're about to head out the door it is chilly this morning we've got temperatures right now at forty in norfolk are coming at thirty four to emporia also thirty four in roanoke rapids and the morning for joining us from the peninsula was at newport news actually a thirty five degrees. now we aren't quite as cold compared to yesterday morning we had a lot of locations and that one is yesterday more especially farther to our north and west about five degrees warmer in newport news also wakefield five degrees warm as well on the eastern shore and mouth but we're going to continue this warming trend right into the weekend of you have any outdoor plans that you have
6:43 am
think this weekend will be a perfect weekend for satellite and radar sleeping nice and dry that she had those clouds continue to push offshore as an area of low pressure continues to push off over the atlanta gets sick mclouth and also the rain right along with it i am tracking its a disturbance when using some snow showers from cleveland tracking down into west virginia and western portions of our state they're not gonna make it over the mountains that if we start to dry out as they do but that storm system or that disturbance will produce a few white clouds as we head into this afternoon said we had to in the morning hours notice were picking up one the clouds right about lunch time temperatures and the low to mid forties by that point was a few more clouds again as that disturb it starts to track a little bit farther to the east we could pick up on a stray shower farther to our north just north of the south side and then temperatures topping out in the upper forties as we head into the evening hours will drop quickly back into the thirties and then overnight tonight will see mainly clear skies will start off the day on saturday with
6:44 am
and thirties actually start to the day but by saturday afternoon we're going to see high temperatures in the fifties a forty eight degrees today plenty of sunshine it's near where we should be for this time of the year will be called tonight though with temperatures right about thirty degrees according to the sixties over the weekend has been tracking chances for rain by the middle part of next week. that's a look at your weather forecasts as we know horrible news in newport news apprentice morning not at all newport news traffic which evan has there yet this morning when to give you a live look at how things are shaping up one sixty four at the traffic eastbound and westbound around j clyde morris moving very well this morning and really have to put cameras up around jefferson for use this yorktown everything is nice right now on the peninsula in other action the pics were uploaded journalists right before we head back to the traffic network maps one kilo of driving this morning on the interface looks like he's on to sixty four this morning driving between norfolk and virginia beach another great traffic flow
6:45 am
the maps now just got a few spots need to watch out for the gilbert and bridge opening. just after seven pots and fifteen fell another twenty five minutes from now and then again at seven forty five the coleman bridge opening at two thirty this afternoon so a few things to watch out for something minor delay fifty eastbound at the midtown tunnel headed into norfolk. he dropped down to nine mph from the normal speed there is at the western freeway interchange and from hampton we had that accident sixty four west him to go to parkway still blocking the exit ramp so a few things morning. to recap all the trouble spots in five minutes after they selected six fifty two all week we have been tackling issues with the flu hopefully learn how to protect you your family but sometimes our best efforts still aren't enough so we need to know of someone in the family comes down with the flu. here's meteorologist greg muller with what we learned aches chills sneezing and wheezing. doctor dana bradshaw says you can often
6:46 am
by getting on flu meds like tam awfully early for healthy people it can even reduce the duration of illness by about maybe a day or so if you're treating the flu for a family member at home you must treat the symptoms you take the same thing cannot take for another rest for illness and all the musics mainly like tylenol or things like that you'll need to make an effort to keep the flu from spreading between family members. french us as hand hygiene is critical. everyone must wash your hands thoroughly and frequently use of hand sanitizer is also good but make sure to at least sixty percent alcohol also make sure use tissues are properly disposed. and if you have children is important to disinfect toys a flu can last a week or so and the first few days someone has symptoms they are typically most contagious while home care can be effective for some others may need professional care
6:47 am
each individual and there are whole context i think so if they're just kind of symptomatic having problems and their otherwise pretty healthy then you can often say finish them at home as we are all just regular giving us good advice or bring it to us right here there's still much more ahead on daybreak including a wrap of the morning's top stories another look in traffic and
6:48 am
friday morning everyone. next year on good morning america a busy night and i was a gop candidates make one final push before the caucus donald trump a no show taking the stage at his own competing events our political team covering all the angles of the race for the white house this morning the facts on writing your top story the morning rush a community in chesapeake still reeling this morning with a loss of a well loved family condolences are pouring into our social media pages as people try to cope with this tragically see cameron dooley shot and killed his father todd mother lori brother landon sister brooke and his grandmother doris even turned
6:49 am
investigators still do not know what prompted camera to take his family's lives friends say the dooley family was active at church and in their neighborhood. a candlelight vigil is planned for tomorrow night at five o'clock at temple baptist church in chesapeake thirteen is now will stay on top of this developing story bring you updates as we learn more later today we're gonna learn more on details of a compromise between gop lawmakers and democratic governor terry mcauliffe on gun legislation so here's what we do know the governor agreed not to revoke reciprocity agreements with two dozen states for concealed handgun permits in exchange republicans added a measure that prohibits a person subject to a permanent protective order from having a gun. state police will also be present at gun shows for voluntary background checks and the general assembly still has to weigh in on this deal later today both norfolk and newport news k nine officers are getting fitted for new ballistic vests. this
6:50 am
anderson cooper and the group spikes k nine fund donated enough money for every canine in both departments. cooper also donated his speaking fee from an engagement a norfolk earlier this week the donation came after a suspect shot and killed a canine officer truly incredible. yes absolutely all right ashleigh is back with a quick check a track that could be pretty quick too because not much of the work with traffic in fact i write that now the good of a minor delay the jazz started leading him to making your way to norfolk to see that here sixty four east and mallory street about half a mile slowed traffic to hopefully get too much job heavier than that new zealand rapid network map will keep the good news going first but acts and sixty four west of hampton roads center parkway has cleared the exit ramp is open minded belief is that the midtown don't forget gil martin opens at seven fifteen and seven forty five the coleman bridge at two thirty and that is all a half we got the they said that as soon as a go of it. i have
6:51 am
the warmer temperatures on the horizon as we head into the weekend highs in the fifties and sixties on sunday that can last into the early part of next week and so will this drive train and then tracking chances for scattered showers by mid week day and have the lazy in the warm weather and i was going to the daunting sunday and go on with our right as they consume with the joyous good morning, america. donald trump doesn't show at the final republican debate. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> the front-runner holds a competing event nearby. >> when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your right. >> but the show goes on without him. ted cruz takes center stage and the candidates unleash their final attacks on the front-runner. >> donald trump. >> donald trump.
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